Suppose every hockey team had its own money? It would bring immediate economic recovery to Detroit, for one thing. Because whatever else you say about Detroit, they’ve got big hockey karma. And it would bring form and order to the rest of the world , at least those parts of the world where they are serious about hockey: Boston, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, New York, LA, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh. Not bad places. These 10 hockey kingdoms would find purpose in the world. And the world would have found its center, circling the majestic lakes in the Great White North. 

Hockey money would become the anti-bitcoin. If bitcoin is the ultimate detached currency — detached from gold, detached from states and regions, detached from everything — hockey money would be the ultimate connected currency — connected to place, to people, to the earth and elements — which is how it used to be. 

With hockey money you would have basically a regional currency, and regional competition, economically, culturally and otherwise, would flourish. We would build our world again from scratch from hockey kingdoms. History would unfold again from a new beginning. And it would be a world of small, wealthy states, like the richest and most productive places in the world today: Switzerland, Singapore, Israel, (Texas?) for example.

David Skilling, a consultant in Singapore who praises small states, has written recently in Canada’s Global Brief:

Decision-makers in the 21st century should not be seduced by scale. With growing competition between the US and China and calls for tighter European integration, it is often said that the world is moving into an age of big powers. But this obscures as much as it reveals. The global process of 100 years of political-strategic fragmentation, which has issued in an ever-growing number of smaller countries, will continue. These smaller countries are likely to be better able to navigate the increasingly complex, turbulent global environment of this new century. And while new regional and other groupings will emerge, the ongoing lowering of the decision-making centre of gravity will, alongside the transfer of power from West to East, be a defining feature of the emerging global system.

So in case the Hillary thing doesn’t work out, we might look at this, because what the globalists and totalitarians and leviathans are cooking up there in New York City could be catastrophic for America, for everybody. And it may already be too late.

But there will always be hockey so long as there is water and cold of night. And there will always be Texas.