In the case of my bank, a list of 5 percent fees begin Dec. 27, while for those who miss a payment, the bank's Christmas present will be a punishing variable interest rate of 29 percent. 

I never miss payments, so the punitive rate will not affect me, but imagine a jobless worker who misses a payment and is attacked when he or she is down by a Don Corleone interest rate. Imagine the men, women, husbands, wives, moms and dads with sons or daughters who are hit by a family emergency and then hit when they are down by their bailed-out bank.

It is no coincidence that Banana Republicans are the enablers and supporters of bailed-out banana bankers. These fees are a disgrace. I have already alerted the Senate Banking Committee with more details than I present here. I predict a major public outrage will soon begin and force a reversal of some of these bad banking practice. 

I challenge the Tea Party and Republicans to join liberals and Democrats to oppose these unjust fees and rate increases from bailed-out banks. 

Dear readers, I advise every one of you to check your own accounts. If you find abuses, post them in the comment section here and write your member of Congress and contact other media. Soon our families will gather around and watch "It's A Wonderful Life" as the holidays arrive. The vile Mr. Potter lives on today, and bankers who received bailouts should not be permitted to abuse — yet again — their customers, whose taxes paid for their bailouts.