Some Questions I Have Today

Here are some questions I have today:
• When thinking about tensions between Hispanic voters and black voters, I wonder: How many members of the Congressional Black Caucus supported comprehensive immigration reform?

• Okay, so in the Weimar Republic, the way the politicians tried to deal with economic problems was to print more money, without really caring about inflation. So how is that different from what the Federal Reserve and the Congress are doing by making money cheaper and putting more on the taxpayer’s credit card?

• Can you really imagine having Bill Clinton in the White House again, for possibly eight more years? And this time, with nothing (and I mean nothing) to keep him busy?

• Has anybody noticed that as soon as the Democrats got in control of Congress, the economy started slowing down?

• Do you think Democrats are really going to be that satisfied with their presidential choice when it turns out to be Hillary Clinton?

• Why is it that when the Democrats talk about wanting to put people to work during an economic downturn, the first thing they propose is an extension of unemployment benefits, which makes it easier for the unemployed to stay unemployed?

• Who’s looking after the kids in Hollywood who are growing up stoned, drunk and in various stages of undress, who then become troubling role models for kids across the country and who seem to succeed in killing themselves — one way or another — at an alarmingly high rate?

• Wouldn’t it be something if the Republicans actually were able to win this election because the Democrats can’t get their act together?

• Do you think voters will notice that the party that has the plans to increase taxes, increase the cost of energy, increase the size of government, increase the costs of healthcare and increase the power of Washington bureaucrats is the same party that says it is the party of the people?

• Do you think it is any way embarrassing for the Kennedy family to have Joe Kennedy out there shilling for Hugo Chavez? After all, Chavez’s hero is Fidel Castro, whom President Kennedy tried to have assassinated.

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