I was watching the news the other day, and I saw an advertisement put up by the Democrats thanking the Democrats for all their success in the first seven months of their majority.

Talk about chutzpah.

Talk about smart.

My mom always told me that if you don’t believe good things about yourself, nobody else will. Well, it is time for the Republicans to start believing that their philosophy has led to some real progress for the American people. If we don’t start believing it, nobody else will. 

Here are some things to talk about:

1) The war on terror: Say what you will, but there hasn’t been an attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001. You may not like the Iraq war, but we have created a front where al Qaeda is fighting us, and it isn’t in New York City. It is in Baghdad. Not that the bad guys haven’t tried, but because of the increased surveillance, the increased coordination and the increased intelligence, our government has broken up some rings that wanted to kill us.

2) The economy: The worldwide economy is stronger than ever, and the United States has prospered because of it. Unemployment is historically low; interest rates are around their historic low; inflation is contained; the economy is growing steadily; the stock market is breaking records. The Bush tax cuts and trade policies deserve real credit for this economic boom.

3) Prescription drug program: Both liberals and conservatives hate this program. But guess what? It works. More seniors than ever are using it. They like it. The costs haven’t been out of control. It has come under budget. It employs free-market principles like choice and competition. It saves lives. And the president deserves credit for it.

4) Education reform: This is working too. Despite the whining of the teacher’s unions, No Child Left Behind is having some impact. Accountability works. Testing works. Making kids read, write and do math works. Test scores are creeping upwards. More big-city school districts are pushing for charter programs, creating more competition. The status quo isn’t good enough.

I get that the president has lost a lot of credibility. I get that the attorney general has to go. I get that the administration completely screwed up in its response to Katrina. I am not a Kool-Aid drinker.

But I also understand that if Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonWoman behind pro-Trump Facebook page denies being influenced by Russians Trump: CNN, MSNBC 'got scammed' into covering Russian-organized rally Pennsylvania Democrats set to win big with new district map MORE gains the White House, with Nancy Pelosi remaining as Speaker, we will have the following polices:

1) Retreat and surrender in Iraq.
2) Cuts in intelligence spending.
3) Higher taxes.
4) More government spending.
5) Repeal of the prescription drug bill, and passage of Hillary healthcare.
6) Retreat on accountability, discipline and competition on education.

In other words, all the progress that has been made by this White House will be lost.

Before we lose that progress, I would like the American people at least to acknowledge that we made some in the first place.