What in the heck are the Democrats doing to the intelligence bill?

First, they cut human intelligence funding and shift money to study global climate change. Then, they stick in an earmark to fund a National Drug Intelligence Center that happens to be in the district of Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.).

It is remarkable to think that in this time of war, a war that is largely being fought in the shadows, by terrorists on one hand and our spies on the other, that Democrats would choose to spend one dime of money on global warming.

But it really isn’t much of a surprise. Since the surrender in Vietnam, brought about by a radically liberal Democratic Congress, the Democrats have largely hated the intelligence community. For example, the Clinton administration slashed human intelligence to the bare bones, leading to the disaster that was Sept. 11.

The left wing of the Democratic Party, which is now in charge, has consistently voted to hamstring the CIA over the last 20 years. It has sought to publish the intelligence budget on countless occasions. It sees human intelligence as dirty. It doesn’t like the tough tactics needed sometimes to get real bad guys to tell us what plans they have to kill Americans. If it weren’t for Newt Gingrich insisting in his last days of being Speaker that the Clinton administration double the intelligence budget, we would have been in even worse shape.

So, seeing the Democrats slash funding for human intelligence to pay for global warming research shouldn’t be much of a surprise. My only question is: Who is the CIA going to spy on to find out who is causing global warming? Big Oil? American automakers? The sun?