Economy & Budget

Into the crystal ball

The Hill's A.B. Stoddard sits down with Pundit's Bloggers John Feehery and Peter Fenn for the final time in 2013 to discuss the budget deal and to make predictions for the new year. 

John Boehner's do-nothing Congress meets expectations

Exposing once again Congress's inability to function as one of the three pillars of government, the budget deal struck by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) solves no pressing national problems.


Black Friday: Lessons from Wal-Mart

The UFCW charges that Wal-Mart workers aren’t paid enough, and if only they were able to take dues payments out of each worker’s paycheck, they could drive those wages upward.


Tesla’s fiery arrogance

Contrast Volkswagen’s response to that of Tesla Motors, which manufactures electric cars for the wealthy and mega-wealthy and is heavily subsidized by the state and federal governments.


US politicians overestimate America's stability

In the maelstrom of the shutdown, a debt-ceiling suicide attempt and the cutting off of nutrition support for poor people by the Congress, it's clear that America's political class has unbounded belief in national stability.


Food stamp cuts a crime against the poor by politicians

This Friday, Nov. 1, America will learn the latest monthly jobs report news, which will not be good due to the Republican-caused government shutdown.

This Friday, the poorest Americans will learn that their hunger will worsen because their food stamps will be cut unless Congress and the president act.


Power to tax and destroy

Tax reform is likely to be one of the hot-button topics in the months ahead as politicians on both sides of the aisle grapple with how to make the federal income tax system flatter, fairer and less complicated.

The tax code itself has been altered, fixed, reformed, flattened, expanded and criticized since it was created in 1913 by constitutional amendment. Now it just may be time to get rid of the income tax altogether as a failed, progressive experiment.


Pope Francis, Hillary Clinton, and the Tea Party victory in the shutdown battle

Ernest Hemingway said write one true sentence. Here I write two. 

The first is widely known. The recent fiasco increases the odds Democrats can win back control of the House and keep control of the Senate. 

The second true sentence is the big secret which you read here first: the Tea Party won a great economic victory in the shutdown battle by forcing President Obama and Democrats to accept more than $70 billion of spending cuts and forcing them to accept continuation of the budget cuts of the sequester.