A conservative student organization attending Palm Beach State College in Florida was recently denied the right to form due to rhetoric criticizing President Obama’s economic policy. The student police, who quickly kicked the group from a recruitment event, handled the situation eerily similar to Hitler’s secret police.

Daniel Diaz and Eddie Shaffer, state members of Young Americans for Freedom — the group victimized — were kicked off campus after college administrator Ms. Ford-Morris was appalled by the material they presented; material published by the Heritage Foundation.

Apparently Christina Beattie, the Palm Beach State College student organizer, requested permission from Ms. Ford-Morris to attend the recruiting event after noticing there was a need for conservative groups on campus.

There were numerous other groups at the event that had not been invited but were allowed to stay and recruit. So far these groups, and others in attendance, have withdrawn themselves from commenting about the event due to fear of retaliation from the school administration.

Since when have college students been afraid of retaliation from school administration over political views? When has the Heritage Foundation literature gotten students kicked off campus? We shouldn't tolerate this blatant political correctness hypocrisy under any circumstances.

If this is how Palm Beach State College treats extracurricular campus events, then what must they shove down these students’ throats in the classroom? Please, students, think for yourself, you’re in college now. This is your time to grow a backbone and make these college officials pay a price for their violation of your right to organize and be heard.

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