A common refrain among coeds these days, as college attendance and graduation rates among males are tanking across the nation.

More and more, American teenage boys seem to be falling behind their female peers in educational attainment, causing a gender schism and disrupting the social pecking order. Curiously, the drop in attendance by males seems to correspond to the rate of increase in female-headed single-parent households nationwide. The ultimately more important question might be, Where are the fathers?

In an educational system dominated by women, and with relatively few male role models in the schools, boys start to tune out of  school around early adolescence; especially boys whose interests do not center around sports — the only aspect of education with a  strong concentration of adult male teachers.

Without a strong male figure in their lives, they begin to rebel and look to each other for guidance. Rebelling against the rules is their first exercise in manhood — I know it was for me, but thankfully I had a strong adult male in my life who would bring me back in line when I strayed too far.

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