I'm a big fan of DonorsChoose.org, helping teachers get the job done. A teacher can post a project there, and anyone can help out by giving a few dollars until the project gets funded. A project could be as simple as getting enough pens and paper to last the school year, which is a real problem in many schools. There're a lot of underfunded school districts out there, and it's really unfair for teachers to fund stuff from their own (inadequate) salaries.

Some schools primarily serve the families of active-duty troops, so this really sucks.

That's why I picked up an idea wherein I matched funds with people who would also help teachers helping the kids of military families. Here's some of the results:

  • 19,965 kids helped out
  • 104 projects
  • 476 other people contributed an average of $54
  • Classrooms in 28 states
  • 67% of projects went to "high poverty" schools

I guess that's a good start, and I should do more …

My general giving page is here!