Society benefits because a strong marriage produces children who generally become productive members of society. The advantages of a strong marriage and two-parent household are literally limitless, and sadly the disadvantages of divorce and single-parent households are just as limitless.
Single-parent households hurt the adults, children and society. The adults must work more hours to recoup lost income. One parent is expected to handle most, if not all, of the parenting. Each adult often feels alone, lost, depressed and confused after losing his or her spouse.

The children have one less person helping, nurturing and loving them on a daily basis. They have a harder time understanding what a committed relationship entails because they miss out on seeing their parents in love. Society suffers because children who grow up in single-parent households are more likely to be raised by grandparents or daycare volunteers, which can retard development. These children tend to grow up with less confidence and security, and arguments have been made that they are slower to mature, learn, and produce positive results.

Yes, many parents who run a single-parent home have done wonderful, admirable jobs raising their children by themselves, but they shouldn't have to. And likewise, many children who grew up in single-parent homes have gone on to live healthy, happy and productive lives, but they shouldn't have to either.