The continuing embarrassing situation became a desperate matter for Gallo in the Rhode Island public school system. The shameless teachers and administrators boasted an average salary of $72,000-$78,000 a year in a town where the average salary was only $22,000.

Gallo became fed up and demanded that student results become a priority for these hypocritical and selfish teachers and demanded six changes that she knew would turn around the unaccountability of that school. Some of these included: adding 25 minutes to the workday, eating lunch with students one day a week, training for two weeks in the summer and tutoring occasionally. All of which I am shocked were not a priority and demand for these teachers.

The cold-hearted and self-centered unions showed no compassion or commitment to improve the condition of their students. In fact, they rejected and refused to enact any of Gallo's recommendations. This is where Gallo’s conviction and commitment to the well-being of her students took precedence; she fired nearly 100 teachers and administrators. Wow, thank you so much for your needed example of boldness!

Why does it take so long for one person with courage and conviction to take an unprecedented and uncompromising stand against teachers union bosses who impede the education and progress of our schoolchildren across this nation? Nothing has eroded faster in this country than our primary public school system. This is only perpetuated by powerful and calloused teachers unions that bully administrators into accepting their way of doing business. And they just don’t stop with the so-called powerful teachers union.

As Americans, we need to halt the push for unionized jobs. The people of our country deserve the best products and productivity. Thankfully, Frances Gallo’s actions have been brilliantly showcased at a time when our country desperately needs more like her. Please, superintendents everywhere, take note and get results!