Blame Congress for problems with planned college ratings system

Lawmakers have undoubtedly heard plenty from colleges and universities about real problems with the Department of Education's forthcoming college ratings system. One way to limit problems is for Congress to repeal the ban on a student unit record system.


With online options, 'college experience' isn't what it used to be

As I read about the evolution of online college courses, and the debate about its efficacy, I'm drawn to recall my experiences as a young, 16-year-old college freshman. 

It was in the dark ages, 1950-54, a time when veterans on the GI Bill flowed into college classrooms. While we kids caroused and "found" ourselves in our new social setting, away from home for the first time, there was a stark difference between us and them. 

They were older, more serious, many already married and living in married student quarters. They were focused and dead serious in classes. They were there to be educated and get on with their lives. We were there to grow up and find ourselves.