First things first. In a column I wrote a few months ago I advocated that the United States and others initiate a joint action to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, among other things. Since then I have advocated this behind the scenes, advocate this again today, and believe there is a fair chance it happens. This would support a lower price for oil, help stimulate the American economy, help stimulate the European economy and increase the prospects for a diplomatic solution with Iran.

Beyond this, I believe events have proven both Al GoreAl GoreStop the loose talk about hurricanes and global warming Parties struggle with shifting coalitions OPINION | Midterms may provide Dems control — and chance to impeach MORE and Jimmy Carter correct. Gore is right that we need new sources of energy and an all-out campaign to reduce the dangers of climate change. Carter is right that we must reduce our dependence on oil with the passion, focus and commitment of what Carter called the moral equivalent of war, which also lessens the danger of real wars.

It is no coincidence that a large portion of money for right-wing politics comes from sources that profit from oil and pollution and from those who finance the science-denying flat-earthers of the right, whom most conservatives around the world disagree with.

Al Gore and Jimmy Carter have been right for a very long time. They were right long ago. They are right today. They will be right tomorrow. Let’s hope their position prevails before more damage is done to our economy and our world.

And: Don't be surprised if President Obama and other leaders make the big move that will be a big help to the economy and tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The sooner the better.