The Group of Eight leaders have met, and with an energy crisis inflaming the domestic and world economy, the leaders did nothing about energy.

With the dangers of climate change more obvious every day and the leaders of allied nations intensely committed to action, the Group of Eight did nothing about climate change, either.

What was striking, extraordinary and unique about this summit was the manner in which the other leaders told the press on background that they could do nothing better than wait for George W. Bush to leave office.

In my memory, this has never happened — such contempt by America's allies for an American president. This has never happened — a summit of the Group of Eight where, in reality, it was the Group of Seven, who wanted action, and were sabotaged by the Group of One, George Bush.

Like the American people, like the enormous majority of people throughout the democratic world, seven of the leaders at the Group of Eight meeting were paralyzed into inaction and openly forced to nothing better than await the departure of the American president and the arrival of his successor.

The economy is in disarray. The energy crisis burns. Climate change threatens.

Ladies and gentleman, what just happened at the Group of Eight meeting was the moral impeachment of George W. Bush by the other democratic leaders.