From Belgium

Like race, environmentalism is one of the pillars of the EU’s perceived superiority over the U.S.

A leading British politician recently stated that the name of the European Union should be changed to the Environmentalist Union. But in fact, Europe's environment is far from the pristine image they would like for the world to buy into.

For example, urban air pollution causes premature deaths, by their own account, of some 375,000 people yearly, roughly the same number as in China. By contrast, the United States’ number is 50-60,000 and steadily dropping.

Even on climate change, Europe has done no better containing greenhouse gases since the Kyoto Protocol was signed 10 years ago than the U.S, which isn't a Kyoto signature and has grown faster in this period.

When will the global media and environmental experts finally acknowledge Europe’s devastating impact on its environment and their sheer hypocrisy in pointing their arrogant and self-serving fingers at everyone around the globe, with the exception of themselves?

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