We are all doomed.

Environmental activists and scientists have joined with religious prophets (usually seen on cable television) to put the final nail in the coffin of humanity.

Soon you will see them all join that longhaired, bearded guy on the corner who has the sign “The End is Near.”

But both scientists and the televangelists differ from the bearded guy in one important respect. The environmentalangelists (to coin a new phrase) have a pathway to redemption, where the bearded guy just lets you know that we are all doomed.

For just a simple, small contribution, the televangelists can save you.

For a much larger contribution (in higher electricity bills, smaller cars, higher priced water), the environmentalists and scientists can save the Earth.

Sen. Chuck GrassleyCharles (Chuck) Ernest GrassleyGrassley: 'Good chance' Senate panel will consider bills to protect Mueller Overnight Finance: CBO to release limited analysis of ObamaCare repeal bill | DOJ investigates Equifax stock sales | House weighs tougher rules for banks dealing with North Korea GOP state lawmakers meet to plan possible constitutional convention MORE (R-Iowa) is launching an investigation into some of these so-called nonprofit evangelists, who lead very nice for-profit lives pretty much tax-free.

Spreading the Good Word never seemed to be so good for the bottom-line for some of these characters.

Good for Grassley for checking them out.

But who will investigate the hysteria that surrounds the global warming debate?

Usually where there is hysteria, there is profit.  And boy, do we have hysteria now.

Hysteria that will lead to sharply higher energy costs for working-class families.

A side-note: Has anyone really checked out the costs of the environmental plans of some of the leading Democratic presidential candidates? As Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post pointed out yesterday, these plans, if implemented, will lead to a radical restructuring of how we lead our lives, making everything cost a hell of a lot more. A Prius in every garage sounds nice, but most people can’t afford a new Prius. And they sure can’t afford the tripling of electricity costs that will come with some of these plans.

The green yuppies who are pushing this cause need to understand that sharply increasing the costs of energy will hurt a lot people. We need to insert some rationality into this argument.

If we don’t, we are all doomed. Doomed.  Doomed.