If it weren't for the respectable climatologist, the global community would be abandoned without a penny of hope to defend itself against the claims of these so-called scientists and their fundamentalist followers.
As the debate over climate change intensifies, the truth behind the work of many of these organizations is becoming clear. Climatologists are noticing that organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are developing extensive reports with frightening conclusions infested with the reckless treatment of evidence — fortunately, this is now coming under boldly intense scrutiny.
Gravely exacerbating the findings is the realization that powerful green lobbyists are behind much of this research, and they intend on having the global community shovel billions of dollars into their pockets. These exploitative sums, in many cases, will not curb the effect of climate change by proportions relative to expenditures. Their trivial science is shamelessly holding many at ransom!
The truth is that yes, climate change is a reality. But our climate has been changing from the beginning of time, starting with an inhabitable planet of fire to ice ages. On a smaller scale, cycles of heating and cooling exist and we are living those cycles on a day-to-day basis. Also, increased CO2 does contribute to this warming, although in trivial amounts. The intricate variables that go into climate change are in upward of the thousands and they are constantly in flux.
No amount of fighting climate change is going to stop it. This is the reality living on our Earth. And many are forgetting what NSAS has been so courageously willing to point out: Global warming does have its benefits, including a much richer biosphere. The people deserve to know more about what those benefits are.
In conclusion, the global community needs to stand up against the hijacking of climatologists. No longer will we be held captivated by lies of an apocalyptic future that will never happen by money-hungry green lobbyists who will end up robbing the unsuspecting.
There are many complex interactions among these and other factors involving climate change that none of us fully understand. It's obvious that the proponents of global change and warming have not provided clear enough explanations that are convincing.

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