Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

The complexity of energy

We need an intelligent energy policy that should include not only development of our own petroleum products but incentives for new energy development.

The current administration seems bent on a policy of raising gasoline prices in order to make alternative energy more palatable. Their thinking is that in the long run, eventually we will be much better off with an alternative energy source.


Russian troops above America’s border: Canada’s ‘Red Dawn’ moment?

In August 2007, at the end of a series of war games uniting China and Russia, the Russians planted their flag at the North Pole, that singular place on earth where the world’s axis seems to align itself with the North Star. The planting of the flag was a Sputnik moment, but underwater. Its purpose was to territorialize our northern regions as surely as a dog of war would pee on the frozen tundra to ward off Canadian coyotes. It should have been, but President George W. Bush, his imagination full of visions of Armageddon in the Holy Land conjured by Appalachian mountain preachers, missed it. Presidential hopefuls, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in particular, should not. Until recently, threats to America via the splendid isolation of the Arctic seemed absurd. But now it is reported that Russia intends to send a combat brigade.


Al Gore is right about climate change, and conservatives around the world support action

As the U.N. climate change talks begin in Durban, South Africa, it is time to emphasize that most conservative parties around the world agree with climate change advocates that strong action is needed. Those American conservatives who disagree that climate change is a major threat are isolated from majority of their conservative counterparts around the world.

Mitt Romney once agreed, more or less, that climate change demands urgent action. Newt Gingrich once stood side by side with Nancy Pelosi on this vital world issue. Al Gore, to his great credit, has been a world leader for a generation on climate change.


Red-state energy, red-state jobs

All-of-the-above is officially the mantra for Republicans when it comes to energy security.

Republicans understand that electricity generation is extraordinarily important to American progress. Without electricity, we can’t play with our iPads, air-condition our homes, cook our breakfasts, watch television, get money from the ATM, shop for food or do just about anything else we need to do on an hourly basis.


Bill Daley is right, President Obama is right, about energy for the USA

First, I give White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley a standing ovation for naming Herb Allison, who has served Democratic and Republican administrations, to examine the energy loan program. Second, I strongly support the loan program that was initiated during the Bush-43 presidency, and I applaud President Obama's increased efforts to promote American energy independence and new energy sources that will create the job waves of the future.


Al Gore and Barack Obama support American business; Rick Manning and other Republicans side with the Chinese

When I read Rick Manning's post this morning, I was reminded that the "Blame Americans First" Republicans and the "Hope America Fails" Republicans are back in force! My question to Manning is: Why does he think the Chinese are devoting so much money to support the "green businesses" that Manning and other Republicans oppose?

I will have much more to say about this subject soon. For now, obviously, Solyndra was a screw-up and whoever screwed up should be fired. But the glee that certain Republicans and their voices in the media take in this is absurd. This is why I would not invest in columnists who write about "Obama's fatal" anything, no matter how popular they may be in some partisan and ideological circles.


Al Gore addresses the world with the truth

Al Gore's 24-hour television extravaganza, which takes his message about protecting the planet from the ravages of pollution through multiple media across multiple time zones, is one more powerful statement of leadership from one of the giants of our age.

It is a phenomenon of our times how so many on the right, backed their pro-polluter sources of money, have such a total contempt for science, facts and truth.

It also a phenomenon of the times how those in the media who are biased to the right and the Republicans demonstrate such contempt toward progressive opinion.


Al Gore: Why the right fears him

In recent days Al Gore has raked Rick Perry over the coals for his attacks on science, and taken Barack Obama to task several times for his lack of courage on the environment. What is striking to me, though it should not be, is the pathological reaction of the right and their money sources from the pollution lobby to Al Gore.


Global warming is irrelevant

Readers, readers, readers: I'm agonizing over and debating my thoughts. What I have argued and debated in the past is that industrial activity — anthropogenic activity — has consequences, e.g. the putting of large amounts of carbon-based materials into the environment.

Whether that causes "global warming" I don't know, and I submit can't be proven given the paucity of the database — how can you prove an underlying climatic cycle that may be hundreds or thousands of years long in periodicity with just about 100 years or so of truly detailed and reliable data? And, once you understand that base cycle, you still have to prove that there is a causal connection — not a spurious correlation — between any observed deviation and the base cycle.


Mitt Romney is right about global warming!

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney believes global warming is a very significant national problem, that part of the cause is man-made, and that government action is needed. I agree with him, and applaud him for this.

It is now clear that global warming is a major cause of rising food prices that hurt all Americans in their pocketbooks, every day. This will be a very big issue and revive national enthusiasm for action to combat global warming. I am in close touch with one very senior national Democrat who will soon launch a campaign appealing to voters to lower food costs by combating global warming.

For now, let’s applaud Mitt Romney for his global warming position and hope he sticks to his guns on this one.