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Energy & Environment

Climategate: The phony scandal

Bad news for the flat-earth society: This alleged scandal of criminally stolen e-mails is one of the phoniest productions of all time, because it changes nothing about the scientific facts believed by the overwhelming majority of scientists.

It is true that the wimpy e-mails don’t look pretty and that all views, no matter how wrong or reprehensible, no matter how much we may agree or disagree with them, should be presented fully and fairly. I have no hesitation condemning anyone who wrote any e-mail suggesting otherwise for any reason.


The herd mentality

I remember very clearly when my seventh-grade science teacher told me and the rest of the class that sometime in the early 21st century, we were going to enter into a new Ice Age. We had had a few rough winters back in the mid-’70s, and obviously, we were preparing for a few more.

Perhaps that is why I am such a skeptic of so-called climatologists. They come up with their theories and then seek out to prove them, only to have the sun have a bad day, and to have the theories thrown out the window.


An issue for Copenhagen

When the world convenes in Copenhagen, Denmark, for further talks about what to do about global warming and climate change, most of the press attention will inevitably be focused on what America and China have failed to do to achieve their carbon reduction targets.

But that is not the only issue that ought to be discussed. Indeed, it is probably not the most important one.


The Pickens plan

Back when I was a more consistent runner, I used to hate running behind big buses, especially in the summertime. The fumes from their exhaust would make me sick to my stomach.

Many of the buses in Washington are now powered by natural gas, which doesn’t have the noxious fumes. These newer buses are better for the environment and better for the lungs of runners everywhere.

I was thinking about black smoke as I ate lunch with T. Boone Pickens today. Mr. Pickens is pushing his plan to wean our nation off of its foreign oil addiction by increasing incentives to use more natural gas. Pickens is a canny businessman and he obviously has a vested interest in his plan to increase the use of natural gas in America.


Climate change

Note: The following is an excerpt from Mr. Williams's column on page A-4 of today's Washington Times. Ed.

For years, the left and environmental crusaders pilloried anyone who dared question the “science” behind their self-deemed irrefutable claims that global warming was real and pernicious. To anyone who publicly raised the notion, they were immediately dubbed a neanderthal, a flat-earth theorist who “still” believed in creationism. For its part, the media jumped all over the naysayers — using the “facts” to question the legitimacy of climate opponents’ arguments, ultimately undermining the otherwise strong standing of their skepticism writ large.


Electric Cars vs. Latte-Sucking Yuppie Wimps

The Vancouver city council has unanimously approved new regulations for electric vehicle charging stations, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports. Under the plan, approved Thursday, developers must include plug-ins for electric cars in at least 20 percent of parking stalls in new condominium and apartment buildings, along with some city-owned parking lots.

One commentator responded, “Yet another example of a Canadian special interest group of latte-sucking yuppie wimps that has taken over and obtained access to government policy.”

Al Gore, Aware

"The only way politicians will act is if awareness raises to a level to make them feel that it's a necessity," former Vice President Al Gore recently told a group at Oxford University.

Is anyone unaware of global warming, or Al Gore's feelings on the matter? Frankly, it's hard to read the newspaper or watch television without having Al Gore's awareness thrown at you. Want to watch the Academy Awards? There's Al Gore, Oscar in hand, receiving a standing O while raising your awareness. Watching MTV? You may catch a glimpse of the global farce/awareness-raising Live Earth concerts. Ditto the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and countless other events. Not to mention Gore's own awareness-raisin' television network, Current — a veritable Fox News of Awareness.

Can Cap-and-Trade Pass the Senate?

Much has been said about the ability of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to pass the cap-and-trade bill she had staked her reputation on. It was quite a feat indeed, as our terrific reporting team described in The Hill, following the vote.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) was pulled out of rehab; Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) dragged himself in following back surgery. Even better was the contribution of now-former Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.). Tauscher had not only already been confirmed for a new job at the State Department and was supposed to have already resigned her House seat, but was getting married the following day. She stayed not only to vote yes on the bill but also to preside over the controversial debate in the Speaker's chair.

Waxman Questions GOPers' Patriotism — Will Mainstream Media Go After Waxman Like They Did Limbaugh?

It was wrong, we were told, when Rush Limbaugh said he wanted President Obama to fail at raising our taxes, taking over sectors of our economy (be they specific companies or entire industries) and further entangling the government in the lives — and wallets — of everyday Americans.

Why, it was so wrong — dangerous, even — that news coverage on Limbaugh's comments dominated the airwaves. Limbaugh was news topic No. 1. For weeks, Republicans found themselves on the defensive, being asked incessantly, "Do you want President Obama to fail? Do you agree with this entertainer and want America to fail?"


As the national media fixates on the death of Michael Jackson, the House of Representatives is working on its own “Thriller.” (I stole that line from Antonia Ferrier of the minority leader’s office.) They are trying desperately to pass the so-called cap-and-trade climate change bill that is encountering fierce resistance from centrist Democrats and most Republicans.

The cap-and-trade bill will dramatically increase the rates the average family pays for their energy use, and will hurt our competitive position vis-à-vis the Chinese in the world of manufacturing. Since the Chinese are already kicking our butts when it comes to the manufacturing sector, you might wonder why we are going down this road to ruin.