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Energy & Environment

Joe Barton’s oil slick

Much has been made of Rep. Joe Barton’s (R-Texas) unbelievable statement at the hearing yesterday. Apologizing to BP and calling the funds to help people in the Gulf a “shakedown,” Barton showed his true colors. After accepting over $1.4 million from oil interests, he showed how deep “in the tank” he really was!

I have to hand it to him — how much more loyal can you get? But, as they say, with friends like him, who needs enemies? Not only did BP have to wince, but it was the Republicans who realized the fix they were in yesterday. Unfortunately for them, it was a fix of their own making.


All Republicans should apologize for the oil spill

If Republicans were still in control, they would favor a BP bailout for the oil spill, as the last Republican president created the bailout for the banks. And the Tea Party people should demand a Republican apology, or they are simply Republican hacks wearing Tea Party costumes.

Where President Obama went wrong on the oil spill was that he didn't move fast enough to reverse Republican policies. Where Obama went right was to realize that BP, not taxpayers, should pay for the oil spill.


BP performance: Fund and games

The first order of business will be deciding what to call that $20 billion BP compensation fund. How about "a start”? As in, $20 billion doesn't begin to cover the liability for the careless disregard for anything but profit that caused such devastating losses in the Gulf of Mexico region, including the loss of life. It'll take more than any financial penalty to achieve a just result.


Now what?

The president of the United States took to the airwaves last evening to once again put his marker down on how he views the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It seems every day that passes, the storyline surrounding the leak gets worse, not better. So I don’t blame the president for trying to manage this mess from the Oval Office. He really doesn’t have much of a choice.

I and many Americans could do without the usual blame finger pointing back to years ago and previous administrations, but hey, Rahm told the POTUS it’s a free swing, so he might as well take it, right?


Soft and gentle Oval Office

All I can say is thank heaven for my DVR. Otherwise I would have missed the first couple of innings of the Washington Nationals game. And for what? For President Obama throwing puffballs in his first play from the Oval Office.

There he was. The president of the United States, in the Oval Office, telling us he was mad as heck. He couldn't even work up a "mad as hell,” as he assured us he simply will "refuse" to let this destructive oil spill destroy the Gulf way of life.


The sickening, staggering truth revealed

Set aside the cap-and-trade fight, climate change, the debate over energy sources and how much more dependent on foreign oil the BP oil spill and subsequent moratorium on offshore drilling is going to make us. The question of how this could be allowed to happen in the first place is being answered, bit by horrible bit, and what we are learning is staggering.


No beef with Old Blighty

It's hard to tell who's whipping up the story that Americans are angry with Britons over the horrible Gulf oil spill.

Is it the media, as the politicians say? Or is it British politicians who want to make a show of defending their constituents' pension funds, as some in the media claim? After all, 18 million Britons are BP investors, many of them through their retirement plans.


BP’s special relationship

Let's be clear: I treasure the Brits. Just like our leaders always say, it's a "special relationship.” Like so many on this side of the pond, I pretentiously mimic their affectations, up to and including calling the Atlantic Ocean "the pond.”

I get a huge kick out of the way they talk, even though they are incapable of correctly pronouncing my name. They can't say "Bob.” No matter how hard they try, it comes out somewhere between "Bub" and "Boob.” And "Pentagon" is "Pentaghin.” Professor Henry Higgins had a good question when he asked, "Why can't the English learn to speak?" Maybe it has to do with their stiff upper lips. But hey, you gotta love 'em.


BP bailout proposal coming soon

Get ready for the BP bailout debate. As the most hated company in America led by the most despised CEO in business continues its systematic deceptions about the magnitude of the catastrophe, its systematic secrecy and threats of reprisal against employees who speak the truth in public and its systematic blockade against reporters seeking the basic facts, get ready for the mother of all political debates.


BP: The get-it-right rites

British Petroleum is already showing how it plans to "make it right" for the desperate Gulf-region residents and businesspeople who are drowning in oil. Already, the lifelines are so entangled in impossible procedures and other delays that any rescue will come long after these hard-luck victims have gone under.

In other words, there seems to be much more corporate concern over preserving the financial health of the company than for those who were simply going about their business while the renegade drillers carelessly set off their calamitous gusher. Chances are those life-sustaining businesses will be wiped out while procedural obstacles block meaningful assistance till it's too late.