Where to start? If the United States is moving toward a "trusting relationship" with Russia, apparently our comrades in Russia missed that memo. Such a reaction only days after President Obama treated Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to a hamburger while visiting the United States is nothing short of unsettling. What our president should have done is treated the president of Russia to a little tip: We've just arrested your spies, Dmitry. Don't think of messing with us again lest we have to hit the "restart" button once again. I'm sure Medvedev laughed at Obama all the way to California as he traveled to pick up his iPhone 4 courtesy of Steve Jobs. Do you think for a second this is how Ronald Reagan would have reacted to his Russian counterpart under similar circumstances?

Just another day in the land of Obama foreign policy, where they are more comfortable dealing with issues as they wish they were rather than how they actually are. Here, the Great Bear that is Mother Russia is still actively looking for ways to undermine America and our only response is to find a way to protect those who seek to harm us. Elections have consequences: I can't wait until November of this year and 2012 to send a message. While President Obama can fire generals he deems insubordinate and ignore threats from abroad and right along our southern border, there are millions of Americans who can't wait to fire dovish politicians such as himself who are clearly not suited for the positions of great trust and authority which they have been granted.