President Obama has been frightfully consistent embracing high-profile issues that make him look like the liberal king of the world. Often this forces pragmatism to take a back seat to glorious politics. The promotion of Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations while arrogantly ignoring nuclear Iran is one such situation.
If President Obama were to achieve world peace, he would be permanently romanticized in history among the greats. What better start than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? After all, this war illustrates the greater conflict between the modern West and the Muslim world. If his administration could find a resolution to this historical conflict, it could nullify larger future battles.  
Consequently, Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations are high-profile events. However, when put in proper perspective, it’s a fairly low impact war; the conflict is just contained between the two.
These pointless negotiations are burning precious American resources and robbing us of the time our president should be spending vigilantly protecting America — namely from Iran. President Obama's apathy out of arrogance, or perhaps empathy, toward a nuclear Iran has to be the most astounding thing I have witnessed in recent memory.
A nuclear Iran is far more threatening than Palestinians to both Israel and America. Yet, it’s not high profile enough for our president to give this issue his necessary attention.
What must happen to jog this administration's common sense for them to have a revelation moment before this complex matter truly erupts? A suicide bomber strapped with nukes blowing away half of Tel Aviv or Baghdad? We need leadership that is willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty to get the job done.
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