If you recall, our Founding Fathers gave us advice as our country looked to the future. George Washington’s farewell address urged us to stay away from the affairs of Europe. He recommended our ties be commercial, not political. Thomas Jefferson remarked, “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

Fast-forward over 200 years and we cannot say we have followed any of that guidance. This is no more evident example than the never-ending “War on Terror.”
America used to lead by example. World War II changed everything. We had to lead because it was the only great nation left intact. We thought the end of the Cold War would usher in a great Pax Americana; we became the world’s policeman and preacher without passing the offering plate. Yet all it seems to have done is leave America resented and perceived as a bully around the world, by former allies and enemies alike.
So many countries complain that we are “not doing it right,” they could do better. So I say we let them. When spoiled children are given everything, they demand more without appreciating the cost to their benevolent parents. It is time to cut the cord.
I know what I am saying is considered blasphemy in some quarters, but it is time to pack up our worldwide military and go home. It is time to quit wasting our treasure saving other countries from themselves or threats that fell with the Berlin Wall.
It is time to let Iraqis handle their own country all by themselves, for Afghanistan to make its own future, for India and China to deal with Pakistan, and for Israel to either sink or swim with its neighbors. Instead of wearing out our military by having it gallivant around the globe in a grand game of thrones, let’s bring the boys back home and stop aiding those leaders who only seek to enrich themselves through corruption at the expense of the American taxpayer.