... What we are doing, or accomplishing, or aiming for, in Afghanistan.

... What defines victory, or the end of our involvement, in Afghanistan.

... What is our way out (“exit strategy” is the term the pros use) when wars have only one way out — victory — which we can not define after nearly a decade there.

... What we might use the money we are spending in Afghanistan for to solve problems in the United States.

... What books President Obama read, and made his aides read, about Vietnam to guide his decision to be or not to be in Afghanistan.

... How the smartest guy in the room, the one I voted for, got hoodwinked by military advisers into making such a fundamental mistake as extending the Afghanistan war.

... When all the signs of waste, corruption, and loss of American life say get out — remind me, please, why we are still in Afghanistan.

Ronald Goldfarb is a Washington attorney and author who writes regularly for TheHill.com.