The Pakistanis continue to spit in our eyes despite all of our overtures and attempts to gain their friendship. They know we are over a barrel and we don't have the controls. Why have we given them so much autonomy? We have convinced ourselves that we need them so that we can pursue our goals in Afghanistan, but in order to find a solution to the Pakistani problem we must first re-examine our goals in Afghanistan. What are the realistic chances that we are going to convert them to a democratic society like ours? I suspect the chances are negative, it just won't happen. 

By continuing to pursue democracy in Afghanistan we are simply wasting our time and resources just like Russia and every other society that has gone into Afghanistan over the century. This is perhaps a situation where we need to take the advice of the flight attendant, at the beginning of the flight, who points out if there is a crisis place your own mask on first and then help the person next to you. We are quickly running out of options and are in of need major self-examination and care before we can do anything to help the rest of the world.

How can we demand that other countries elect, or otherwise appoint, capable and astute leaders when the one we have doesn't have the confidence of his own constituents? It is analogous to trying to sell landscaping services within your neighborhood while your own yard is a mess. It simply does not work.