Bloggers, be careful what you wish for. A year ago the Obama administration was triumphantly celebrating its role in the Arab Spring. In the process the USA failed to support its longtime Egyptian allies, President Hosni Mubarak and the Egyptian military. Instead it tacitly supported the devil it didn't know. It was obvious that the likely winners of any Egyptian election would have been the Muslim Brotherhood. The United States’ policies at the time naively supported the devil that they would soon get to know. 

In Libya, Moammar Gadhafi was not a friend of the United States, but after decades of ruling Libya he reached a mutual accommodation with our nation. When it mattered most, President Obama would lead from behind to topple Gadhafi. Once again Gadhafi was replaced with an Islamist-supporting, American-hating regime.

In Iran the USA again naively supported ineffective sanctions to keep the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons.

With respect to our Israeli allies, the only credible check on Iranian nuclear power in the Middle East, President Obama recently declared he didn't have face-to-face meeting time for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is after figuratively slapping him in the face in the White House earlier in the year and after the Democratic Party removed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from its party platform.

This president can't differentiate his allies from enemies. He would rather be loved and mocked than respected and feared.