And rescue ourselves we did, thanks in a good part to the venerable Sam Ervin, Democratic senator from North Carolina; and Howard Baker, Republican senator from Tennessee. The mountain South saved us, brought us back to ourselves, and we entered a new political generation virtually overnight. We may be there again with Benghazi. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says it could bring down the president. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as well. I don’t think so. But it will bring down the Clintons.

It has always been the same since Bill’s first days as governor of Arkansas. There has always been something inherent to it less than honest and sometimes absolutely astonishing in its corruption, corruption like we have not seen since Tammany Hall. But it persisted for one simple reason: Bill and Hillary were born within weeks of 45 million others. 

Never in history has there been such a generational force. It was a vast tide which emerged from WWII, but like all tides, it returns in time to the sea. And now is that time.

In political generational cycles, history always leaves the middle behind in bemusement. We are no longer amused. The Benghazi hearings have turned the tide. And I think it started in Boston — specifically, at the Bruins game after the attack, that night when the very heart of working class Boston roared forth in singing the national anthem. 

Let the healing begin elsewhere. We are healed. The age of appeasement ended at that moment. The fat lady had finally sung.

Hillary will shout, red faced, fists clenched, into the camera that it is another “vast right wing conspiracy.” Those Republicans, conspiring to contort her image to some dark “bride of Chucky” from Foggy Bottom. It is what she does. It has always worked before, even brought her to the pages of Life in college. But not this time.

The use of violence at the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was instantaneously utilized for a greater and broader political (propaganda) objective on the air waves.

The troubling thing here is that what they keep calling “talking points” connecting the violent acts to the greater (propaganda) purpose were passed along by an American diplomat to the United Nations to five TV stations and to other media. 

But after the testimony of Gregory Hicks, former Libyan deputy chief of mission, "troubling" is the wrong word. "Horrifying" is the right word. Because the propagandized press "spinning" the violence was of course what was fully intended by the purveyors of the violence. In Benghazi, the Clinton State Department became the popular front for al Qaeda.