But my impression was on the Constitution. From this vantage it seemed a structure that had lost its talisman. The Constitution can only be filled with quality, truth and substance by the substance of the women and men poured into it. It is otherwise vacuous and immoral as a guide to human behavior. And here, as CBS reports, the 113th Congress, on track to become the least productive in history with an approval rating of only 17 percent, will be making the determination.

My second thought was of an idea arising now in Israel from Moshe Feiglin, who this year entered the Knesset. The thought he brings is beyond law and constitutionality: Jews, he says, should be governed by a greater law, that is, Torah-based governance for Jews in Israel because human law is not enough.

This would be impossible for America because we are too big and too many. It is possible for Israel’s 5 million Jews. And it is elementary that any and all people live with collective codes among themselves greater than legal code.

One of the new century’s first awakenings was at the invasion of Iraq, when Canada just said no. Last week Britain just said no. Possibly one more of these random invasions and California will just say no.

At the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, a few in Vermont and New Hampshire just said no. Not only had we the right to oppose but we had the moral (and constitutional) responsibility to stop federal leviathanism and immorality. And the state was our only vehicle to effectively do so.

I noticed yesterday that the Republic of Jefferson in the Pacific Northwest is acting up again. And this time, it made the Drudge Report and CBS affiliates.

From the CBS affiliate: “Many proposed laws are unconstitutional and deny us our God-given rights,” Gabe Garrison of Happy Camp said at the meeting. “We need our own state so we can make laws that fit our way of life.”

“Our way of life.” It is exactly what Feiglin is talking about with Torah-based culture for Israel.

The reawakening of the State of Jefferson is a direct result of the globalist delusions chronically executed in Vietnam, then onward and upward again in Iraq and Afghanistan, and advancing again in Syria. It is a small step forward. It is what Jefferson would do.

Because constitution is not enough, renewal is required and a common ethic of the heart which transcends generations and tells the people who they are.