A Russian bomber buzzed one of our aircraft carriers in the western Pacific yesterday. The Russians said it was standard training procedure. U.S. officials said it reminded them of the Cold War.

A Defense Department analyst and a former engineer for Boeing were charged Monday in separate spy cases for allegedly handing over military secrets to the Chinese government, the Justice Department said.

Israel's prime minister says he remains convinced that the Iranians are "moving forward" with plans for an atomic weapon.

President Hugo Chavez threatened to cut off oil sales to the United States if ExxonMobil wins court judgments to seize billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets.

We live in a tough neighborhood. Any sign of weakness in our leadership, and our rivals will pounce.

If we elect somebody who is inexperienced and naïve, these bullies will probe our resolve and test our strength.

The idea of Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaYou just can't keep good health policy down Obama Foundation announces new job training program for Chicago students Biden praises Parkland students fighting for gun reform: ‘They’re going to win’ MORE sounds nice. But it is a risky vote.

Look what happened last time we elected an inexperienced senator who promised “change.” We had a military disaster in the Bay of Pigs and we almost barely avoided World War III when the Russians created the Cuban Missile Crisis.

And Jack Kennedy seems like a grizzled old veteran compared to Barack Obama.

On the global stage, Iraq is just one piece of a very complicated and daunting puzzle. This is no time to elect somebody whom the world will view as a rookie.