The quote of the day from last night’s country-club debate — aside from the “Law and Order” line from comedian Romney — was Giuliani’s: “Iran is a greater danger than Iraq.”

What planet is that boy on? We are mired in a civil war, making little or no progress on the political front, spending $600 billion, trying our damndest to link Iraq with a grand terrorist conspiracy against the U.S. — and now Rudy tells us that, actually, it is Iran we should be invading?

And, of course, most on that stage agreed — to heck with Congress; Bush and Cheney can do it without getting mired in the Constitution, as Ron Paul pointed out.

Why this fixation with Iran? Why all this bellicose talk? Why all these what-ifs about expanding the war?

Rudy needs a shrink — and maybe a little history course on the Middle East thrown in. Might it be a good idea for him to actually learn a little bit about “the greater danger”?