General Petraeus is coming to town tomorrow to brief lawmakers regarding progress on the ground in Iraq. Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiHoyer declines to endorse call for leadership shake-up if Dems lose House Pelosi urges Dems to vote against trucking amendments in FAA bill GOP anxiety grows over Trump’s Iran decision MORE (D-Calif.), according to ABC's Jake Tapper, won't be able to make a briefing with our lead commander in Iraq due to a conflict in her schedule.

Are you kidding me? The Congress will vote on a $124 billlion supplemental this week to fund the war on terror and the Speaker can't find a few minutes to hear for herself how things are going? The line from the Speaker's office is that she already spoke to the general today by phone but she can't make the briefing tomorrow. Unreal.

I can't think of anything more important facing the United States than fighting and winning the war on terror and yet the Speaker's too busy to spare a few moments to sit with her colleagues and hear how our brave men and women in uniform are doing to protect us all.

What, pray tell, is she so busy doing? Passing legislation? I can't even fathom what would keep her away, save for politics.
Interesting how the Speaker and many of her fellow Democrats have time to micromanage the war from the comfort of their offices on Capitol Hill and yet the Speaker can't make it in person to hear about our progress and next steps from our top general.

Actions speak louder than words, Speaker Pelosi. If you can find time to meet with terrorist sympathizers in Syria, you can find time to meet with our senior military leader tasked to win in Iraq. Unreal.