The following is an excerpt from an op-ed that appears in tomorrow's issue of The Hill:

Plan B aims to end the war among Iraqis and win the war against al Qaeda.

If Iraq is Vietnam, George Bush supports the moral equivalent of the Viet Cong with a Maliki government dependent on Shi'ite death squads and often allied with Iranian interests.

Iranian strategy was to fight to the last American and remove their hated Sunni enemy, replaced by Shi'ite allies.

Iran-supported insurgents will lie low for the surge while Americans kill their Sunni enemies, and Sunni Iraqis are walled in by new versions of the Berlin Wall, de facto and de jure.

Maliki was put in power with dependence on an aggressive Shi'ite death squad leader and Iraqis with long ties to Iran. All military leaders and Secretary Gates have grave doubts about him and are dead right.

Today, America is trapped in a Vietnam-like quagmire where "our guy" is allied with "our enemies" and neither the president's failed and intransigent policy nor the Congress's well-intentioned but weak response will change a probably catastrophic outcome.