The mutual antipathy has been evident and boiling over for months. What does this portend for U.S involvement in Karzai's Afghanistan? Our president's decision timetable calls for a beginning of withdrawal as early as the end of this calendar year.

Who among us doesn't think he's already decided, regardless of the midterm elections or other considerations, to cut and run? From our vantage point, how can anything other than withdrawal be decided, given that the Taliban is thriving, but still unincorporated into their government, and our military effort continues apace but without purpose? This is not Iraq. And, Obama doesn't have the fortitude of George Bush.

George Bush's nation-building in Iraq has produced a fledgling democracy. One replete with many issues, yes, but a democracy nonetheless. And, please don't forget, Mr. Bush ended a great tyranny.

Without a doubt, our results there have outstripped President Obama's prospects in Afghanistan.

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