Based on anecdotal evidence from business owners, insurance brokers and the media, insurance premiums on policies renewed for 2010 and 2011 are increasing 20 percent to 40 percent. These rising premiums are driven by mandated coverage that includes free or low-cost preventive care, non-exclusion of children with pre-existing medical conditions, required coverage for children up to age 26 and the elimination of lifetime medical reimbursement limits.

Americans may recall that Mr. Obama promised, "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan." While this mandated coverage in the healthcare reform legislation may be desired by some people who are willing to pay the cost, there are certainly other medical insurance consumers who would rather have their current lower-cost coverage. However, under the legislation, contrary to the president's assurance, they are not permitted to keep their preferred lower-cost healthcare plans.

The healthcare reform legislation also will have a devastating impact on the spending power of working Americans and our economy as the higher premiums kick in. In order to understand this impact, it is instructive to look at the actual impact of the legislation on a small company. In 2010, some companies’ plans cost approximately $15,000 per year for family healthcare coverage, of which the company paid 60 percent and the employee paid 40. For 2011, the premium for this coverage will increase 30 percent, or $4,500. The average non-management employee in this company earns $30,000 per year. The employee's share of the increased premium will cost $1,800. That is equivalent to a 6 percent pay cut for the average worker. The legislation will not allow them to keep their old policy at a lower cost.

Do you now feel misled by the Obama administration, or just outright lied to to further their passage of this atrocious bill ?

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