The healthcare law will not be repealed. Attempts to repeal healthcare reform will be a big loser for Republicans. Some of the most vehement Republicans pushing for repeal will find their seats endangered in 2012 because of it.

There will be some changes enacted that will include provisions appealing to conservatives, and provisions appealing to liberals, but the most radical advocates of repeal are in for a rude political awakening.

What conservative media miss is that many voters who oppose the law actually want stronger provisions, not weaker. For example, there remains strong majority support for the public option and stronger laws against industry price-fixing, while there is also strong majority opposition to the mandates.

Healthcare is a double-edged sword with the public, not the one-dimensional world viewed by conservative ideologues and certain special-interest lobbyists masquerading as Tea Party believers.

Isn't it funny how many voters say they want to cut government programs, until they are asked to cut government programs that benefit them?

Once Republicans start drafting bills to repeal or make dramatic cuts to healthcare that hurt large numbers of voters, watch how fast they run for cover when the public backlash comes.

Before the rooster crows 60 more times, healthcare repeal will be dead, and some Republicans in Congress who advocate it will pay the price in 2012.