Isn't it ironic that healthcare reform and the validity of the U.S. Constitution now stand conversely in the debate over our nation's future?

The central issue is the scope to which government has the right to control and manipulate our lives.

One of the ingenious aspects of the Constitution involves the fact that our Founding Fathers knew that there would be a growing tendency for government to expand in size and in power. They also knew that the expansion of power can be very corrupting; therefore, they placed safeguards in the document, which are now being challenged.

Over time, the power of the government to influence our lives has crept unabated; however, this time the politicians have gone too far and the Constitution is our last refuge. If our government can mandate that we the people buy any product or service, such as healthcare, then what else will they mandate in the future? This is not a slippery slope, it is an avalanche; people must wake from their stupor before it's too late. 

It is necessary for us to consider, as individuals, what we want in our lives versus what the government can and should provide for us.  One of the burdens of freedom is that you must make decisions on how to run your own life. If you're willing to concede the decisionmaking ability to the federal government or anyone else, then you are embracing behavior contrary to the original intent of this nation.

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