It is no coincidence that Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidDems walk tightrope on Pompeo nomination The Memo: Teens rankle the right with gun activism Dems to party: Go on offense with Trump’s alleged affairs MORE (D-Nev.) led Senate Democrats to majority status, has kept them in the majority since 2006 and won a crushing victory over the hapless hope of the right, Sharron Angle.

It has been a banner few weeks for Democrats. President Obama triumphed where President George W. Bush failed and Osama bin Laden is now conversing with Hitler in hell. House Democrats fought like tigers to save Medicare, and the Speaker's gavel is again within sight for Nancy Pelosi after a crushing victory in the New York House race.

Now Reid has completed the trifecta by giving Senate Republicans an opportunity to try to destroy Medicare, again — and Republicans, incredibly, obliged. When Reid brought the destroy-Medicare option to a vote in the Senate, unbelievably, almost all Senate Republicans voted for it.

In my column yesterday I supported Priorities USA, which supports the reelection of the president; House Majority PAC, which supports giving control of the House back to Democrats; and Majority PAC, which is battling to keep Senate Democrats in the majority.

Things are lookin' up for the Senate Democrats after the Medicare vote. It is truly amazing that Senate Republicans march in lockstep with the far far far right and support the destruction of Medicare even after the New York House vote. Incredible. Amazing. Unbelievable. But, in truth, not surprising.

There is a hatred for anything involving the government from a Republican Party in the death grip of the far-right faction, which inspires fear in the hearts of virtually all Republicans. Many of these Republicans would destroy Social Security if they could. Just look at the long history of Republican proposals to privatize Social Security!

For now, Republicans are content with trying to destroy Medicare, while Harry Reid is content with giving them the opportunity to try, and, fortunately for seniors throughout the nation, fail.

Give Reid credit for setting the trap. Almost all Senate Republicans walked right into it.