It is time to resume the story of the public option. Why the public option battle should now be waged again. Why the White House got the issue so damn wrong and reacted so aggressively against public option supporters.  Why the full story was never told in the media. And why the public option battle is more important than ever with healthcare costs continuing to rise.

Above all the public option, according to a majority of credible independent sources, would lower healthcare costs for Americans. It would reduce the federal budget deficit. It was supported by a solid majority of voters. Conservatives and the White House may both hate and loathe these assertions, but I will debate them anytime, anyplace, with tons of documentation.

I laugh when the right asserts that rising healthcare costs today can be used against what they call ObamaCare. It can be used this way by those of us who support the public option as aggressively as the right opposes it, as aggressively as many special interests despise it, and as aggressively as the White House surrendered it, in secret meetings with special interests, behind the back of its supporters.

The reason that the White House reacted with such hostility to the public option supporters is twofold:

First, President Obama is not, and never will be, a historic reformer in the tradition of the great liberal presidents such as FDR and JFK. That part of the Rorschach campaign died long ago. Obama is not a great liberal, progressive, populist or transforming reformer. He is some form of centrist who makes insider deals and does major campaign fundraising from big-money sources. He tinkers at the margins of change, but he has never fought for transforming change.

Second, President Obama turned out to be not the outsider leading an uprising against the system, as he suggested in his speech accepting his nomination in Denver, but an insider who feels most comfortable with other insiders such as Rahm Emanuel, Timothy Geithner and Bill Daley. Emanuel, Geithner and Daley may have many positive attributes, but agents for change challenging special interests are not among them.

The White House showed aggressive hostility toward the public option because it was the kind of FDR-JFK-LBJ historic reform that the president did not, in fact, support. The White House showed such aggressively hostility to supporters of the public option because the issue strips naked the pretense. In fact, the insider deals destroyed the public option in the last debate even while the president publicly said he supported it.

On this matter the White House, the president, the insurance lobby, the conservatives and the Republicans were allied against the public option that would have lowered healthcare costs for consumers, lowered the budget deficit, and had the support of a majority of voters.

The fiscal side of the public option, lowering the deficit; the political side of the public option, winning a majority of voters; and the healthcare side of the public option, lowering costs to consumers, were all sold out in backroom insider deals.

The media discussion of this matter misses the truth of what happened because virtually all parties have an incentive not to tell the truth. The White House spin cannot tell the truth for obvious reasons. Republicans will not tell the truth because they oppose any major healthcare reform and in fact the GOP wants Medicare to be turned into a welfare-like subsidy bailout for insurers.

And most of the Democrats who appear in the media lack the balls to tell their viewers, listeners and readers the truth because they are beholden to the White House and Democratic establishment, and in some cases, these Democrats took and take money from special interests, which is a conflict of interest never disclosed to viewers, readers and listeners.

They will not tell you the truth.

I just did.

With the various players of healthcare industry increasing the costs of healthcare, which is now being widely reported, and which I long ago predicted if a law passed without the public option and other major reforms that were also sold out, the basic issue remains.

Healthcare costs will continue to rise until the public option, or "Medicare for all,” or some form of single-payer healthcare, is ultimately passed, which in my view it ultimately will be.

It is time to revive the battle for the public option, which a majority of the American people support whether the White House, the Republicans, the right or the lobbyists like it or not.