If the Supreme Court were to allow the Obama administration to mandate purchases of health insurance, it would set an extraordinarily dangerous precedent: Our government could tell its citizens how they must manage their own resources. This would establish a slippery slope of unfathomable complexity. It would start a transition into socialism and could only end with a communist dictatorship; it would be the beginning of the destruction of personal freedom in America.

Personal freedom has defined America since its inception and it is painful to see the very values on which we were founded, legally and literally, erode before our very eyes. As the old saying goes, if you give an inch they’ll take a mile; a health insurance mandate might not seem like much now, but allowing the government to determine how an individual should allocate his or her resources is the first step down a road that we, as Americans, should not want to travel.

What’s next, limiting and/or mandating the number of children conceived, like in China? Perhaps the next time one of our domestic carmakers like Ford or GM is struggling, the government can disallow the purchase of foreign cars. Or they could submit that, because our dollar is tanking, any monies that you earn beyond the limit of 300K monthly must go directly to the public coffers.

The big issue here is one that requires a bit of history. You see, the original 13 states only accepted the idea of a federal government so long as its power remained limited, the line in the sand being drawn where an issue involved only one state — the Interstate Commerce Clause. The only way for our government to flex its muscle is by perverting the spirit of Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of our Constitution and making healthcare national instead of state as it has been for decades. Once that dam breaks it will be far easier for our government to regulate the actions of any individual in any part of the United States and I, for one, don’t want Big Brother breathing down my neck any more than necessary.

Now that this case is before our nation's highest court it is my hope that some level of common sense will stir in the minds of the Supreme Court justices. The ObamaCare administration needs a serious reminder that a government that governs least governs best.