No one should really be surprised that the "Affordable" Care Act is going to have a tab of almost twice as much as the original projection.

It is highly probable the purveyors of this massive governmental plan understood that through some clever manipulations and presentations they, along with their media cronies, would easily be able to deceive the masses into believing they were actually doing something that would save money. They knew all along what the true costs were.

This is again a vivid illustration of how deceitful politicians can take advantage of unwary citizens. They realize that most people will not investigate or avail themselves of the facts and will simply accept whatever their "leaders" and television commentators put forth.

It would be wonderful if this example could serve as a lesson for people to spend quality time educating themselves about basic economics, mathematics and political history. Unfortunately, most of our citizens will continue to focus on their local sports team and the Kardashians.