The Supreme Court's ruling on Affordable Care Act last Thursday notwithstanding, "We the People" must recognize that good healthcare for everyone is beneficial to our national interest. This is not a partisan issue, and we can't succumb to the forces of division that increase their power base by dividing segments of society against each other. We spend more than adequate resources on healthcare, but this doesn't happen in a logical manner and waste is abundant.

Our system for providing healthcare is a disaster, not just for our economy but also for those who cannot see a doctor when they are sick. Also, the way healthcare legislation is right now, it is likely to get worse before it gets better.

If we are going to take healthcare reform seriously, we should put together a bipartisan group of healthcare providers and economists to craft a logical solution to which the legislative and executive branches are bound. If we leave this important goal in the hands of politicians, it will become politics as usual and nothing beneficial will be accomplished.