There is much conversation about Medicare in the presidential campaign and on Capitol Hill.

The thing that has not been highlighted enough is that Medicare has been in existence for decades already and many physicians under the current reimbursement plan do not participate. This is because reimbursements are very low and sometimes do not even pay for the time and equipment necessary to treat the patient.

Under ObamaCare, those already low reimbursements will be further reduced significantly. This will lead to more physicians bowing out of Medicare and more seniors being disappointed because they can't receive adequate financial care. A recent survey among primary care physicians indicated that a large number of them were unhappy because they were forced to see so many patients in such a short period of time, just to break even. As a result, many physicians are finding their work and occupation less fulfilling.

ObamaCare will add another 30 million people to Medicare and Medicaid rolls, which will drastically exacerbate the situation.

If Obama is reelected and ObamaCare is allowed to stand, it will be quite interesting a year from now whom he will blame for the long lines and the multiple complaints from people who can't get care.