ObamaCare is the official the law of the land. We will now begin the process of unmasking many of the costs hidden deeply within this massive bill.

A decade from now there will be significant buyer’s remorse. The cost will affect not only consumers, but the healthcare providers as well.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and that, without a doubt, includes healthcare. Either the quality of care must decrease significantly for the masses or the availability of care must decrease drastically.

The most important thing in this life that we possess is our health. President Obama clearly recognizes this and also knows that if he can control access to healthcare, he can ultimately control the larger society. So the real emphasis is not universal healthcare, but rather universal control. The amount of resources required to obtain this goal at a level that Americans are accustomed to is staggering and will continue to balloon the deficit.

To make sure that the populace isn't alarmed, the cost has been sprinkled throughout the bill with the hope that most us will not notice the gradually tightening financial noose. The larger question remains whether the people are wise and informed enough to enact the kinds of changes in leadership that will save our way of life. It is possible that it is already too late and that the majority of the populace have completely lost perspective and are only concerned about their own selfish desires.