Logical conclusions

ObamaCare is supposedly the panacea to cure rapidly rising healthcare costs and lack of access for millions of uninsured Americans. It's continuing to prove just the opposite, with healthcare costs rising, in many cases quite dramatically. This has forced several businesses to reconsider whether they will offer healthcare coverage or accept the penalty, which in many cases is less expensive than offering the healthcare coverage. The other solution that many businesses are adopting is cutting workers to under 30 hours per week, which is the trigger for requiring healthcare coverage. In the long run, this means that people will have less access, and for those who do, the cost will be increased. Yet millions of people will listen to the mainstream media and the administration and continue to conclude that they have hit the healthcare lottery. This is a prime example of what happens when partisan politics and biased media are allowed to run rampant.

Continuing the theme of biased media, yesterday Sen. Mary LandrieuMary LandrieuLouisiana needs Caroline Fayard as its new senator La. Senate contender books seven-figure ad buy Crowded field muddies polling in Louisiana Senate race MORE (D-La.) stated that there is no federal discretionary spending problem, but rather that the problem was Fox News trying to convince the electorate that there was a problem. President Obama basically stated the same a few days earlier. One would need to have a severe case of brain freeze not to realize that we face a serious crisis with federal spending. For Obama to say that we don't is like listening to someone tell you, while in the middle of a blizzard, that it's a warm, sunny day. If you believe that, you are foolish, and this administration depends on people who are unable to make logical conclusions in the face of obvious evidence.