One of the major pillars of our current healthcare system are insurance companies that profit by denying people care. This is a fundamental conflict of interest that has not been addressed in a meaningful way in the Affordable Care Act. 

Unless we address these fundamental flaws, we are truly just wasting time and money. Another glaring omission is tort reform, which was excluded because the trial lawyers association is a powerful lobby with great influence over the administration. The fear of malpractice lawsuits leads to defensive medicine, which drives the cost up for everyone in a very significant manner. Also medical malpractice lawsuits jog our legal system and negatively impact medical resources, which must be spent addressing cases that, in the vast majority of instances, are found to have no merit.

This will perhaps be the best example in history of how rampant, out-of-control government bureaucracy can destroy a previously functional system. This is not to say that healthcare reform was not necessary, but it needs to be done in a rational and efficient way, not just done for the sake of doing it. If we can learn that lesson, perhaps the whole exercise may have been worthwhile.