Mr. President, with all due respect, why would anyone on the Republican side of the aisle believe you when your own White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer raised political rhetoric to obscene heights when he compared those fighting to delay ObamaCare’s implementation to terrorists with “bombs strapped to their chests,” hardly rhetoric that builds trust.

Perhaps, ol' sleepy head Obama isn’t aware that when his rare comments on a possible government shutdown include threats that he isn’t going to negotiate, coming in at the last minute and saying, 'Can’t we all just get along, give us more time to negotiate,' is not going to ring true to anyone.

Ironically, more time is exactly what House Republicans are trying to give Obama — more time to get the kinks worked out of the ObamaCare system. Time that is desperately needed given that Obama’s administration has failed to meet almost half of the deadlines for implementation of the law.

Obama doesn’t need more time to figure out the budget. Everyone on both sides of the aisle agree on what the government funding numbers should be. Obama needs more time to get his law to work as intended, time the Republicans are desperately trying to give him.

Unfortunately, Obama’s Senate majority leader chose to kill the House’s bill to keep government open, and give Obama this time, a deliberate act to toward a government slowdown.

Perhaps Obama needs to call Democrats in the Senate and ask them to give him the time he needs to ensure ObamaCare doesn’t end up having more “inadvertent” consequences ranging from causing job losses and doctor retirements to people dying due to confusion resulting from its not-ready-for-prime-time implementation. And those consequences will be hung around Democrats' necks politically if they fail to allow additional time to work out the problems in the law.

I’m sure Obama’s Big Labor buddies, who have been roundly criticizing the law for destroying the 40-hour work week, would appreciate his taking the time to make a call from Golf Cart One to delay the train wreck that is facing our nation’s healthcare system.

It is time for Obama to figure it out and say yes to the gift of time being offered by House Republicans before his health law does real harm to the most vulnerable in our society. Sometimes it is time to just say yes.

Manning (@rmanning957) is the vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government.