In a sick and sad way, the insurance industry report is right, though not in the way insurers intended. The Finance Committee bill will raise premiums because it does not include the public option, and because it therefore forces consumers to buy private-sector products, punishing them if they don’t, without providing the real competition of the public option.

This bizarre act of betrayal by the insurance industry may surprise the idiot savants who believe the industry can be treated like reasonable people in a reasonable dialogue, when the truth is, healthcare costs skyrocket for a reason, which is that some people make huge excess profits from those skyrocketing costs. Those making these unjust profits will clutch and grasp them to the bitter end, they will scratch and claw, they will kick and bite, they dish out money like drunken sailors to buy and sell legislation and when all else fails, they will issue bogus reports on the eve of the committee vote.

This insurance industry report humiliates the chairman of the Finance Committee. It humiliates the president and his healthcare team. It humiliates the American people with an arrogance and contempt and greed that knows no limits and accepts no bounds.

It is time to enact the public option.

The president should fight for the public option. The Congress should pass the public option. The American people should be given the choice of the public option, and not be forced to pay overpriced premiums in the citadel of greed created by those who believe they can buy and sell legislation at will.