Give me a break. Sen. Kennedy has passed. We all will, someday. To invoke his name as though he is personally shepherding this measure through Harry ReidHarry ReidSanders and Schumer are right: Ellison for DNC chair The Hill's 12:30 Report Hopes rise for law to expand access to experimental drugs MORE’s controversial hands is fantasy thinking at best. Some liberal thinkers would privately tell you they’re not so sure Kennedy would have agreed with that dismal piece of legislation called “reform” in its current state.

The election next week is a microcosm of things to come for President Barack ObamaBarack ObamaObama and daughter Malia spotted at Broadway production Tom Perez embodies the Democratic Party. This is why he should lead it. Ex-Bush spokesman: 'Media should calm down' on limited WH briefing MORE if Scott Brown wins in that cold blue state. Above all else, it will signal the end of the administration’s sinister experiment on our nation’s health system. Sure, it’s broken, and Republicans would be hard-pressed to produce any ideas of their own on the matter, but the concoction Obama and his gang have created is pure terror.

The question remains on whether health reform will die a real death in congressional chambers, but it will surely die a symbolic one. Here’s why: The president is repeatedly failing to heed the lessons of these races occurring throughout the country. I’m not sure if he’s in denial or what, but they are certainly mini-referenda on his agenda. Set aside Virginia and focus on New Jersey. No matter how you slice it, Obama lost the Garden State. Next week, he’ll lose Massachusetts. And the single largest contributing factor will be the health bill.

Americans simply lack the appetite for the gluttonous grab that bill promises to be. Obama knows this in his heart. Why else is he waiting to give his State of the Union? They need a win on this so bad they can’t see straight. And they’re willing to kick into February a constitutionally required report to the Congress so they have something other than bad news to talk about.

My advice is to get the speech over with, or better still, just send a note to the Dome in the coming days, Mr. President. Come Jan. 21, I’m not so sure the welcome mat will be out on the Capitol’s front steps for the POTUS.

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