AP wrongly says ObamaCare site written in Spanglish

The Associated Press's recently published but factually challenged report that the ObamaCare Spanish-language site is written in “Spanglish” is both funny and pathetic. Years of high-school Spanish seem to have been wasted upon these journalists.


Focal points of the 2014 elections

The Hill's A.B. Stoddard talks about the crucial campaign focal points for the 2014 elections and whether the economy will recover in the new year. 

GOP watching the clock on ObamaCare

Objectively, Americans in both parties are furious and frightened. The only question now, besides how long Democrats can wait for the law to work before they run from it, is how long Republicans can criticize it before their panicked constituents ask them to fix it.


ObamaCare crosses deadline for repairs

The Hill's A.B. Stoddard sits down with Pundit's Blog contributors Peter Fenn and John Feehery to discuss the latest challenges facing ObamaCare.

If only Tom Daschle had paid all of his taxes

Daschle is a little guy, but he’s tough, shrewd, and as a former majority leader, he understood power. He knew how to negotiate, and that meant sometimes negotiating with Republicans.


Politics of the possible?

Republican Washington, D.C., insiders have spent the past month wagging their fingers at Tea Party types and telling anyone who will listen that these people just don’t understand realpolitik and the "politics of the possible."