The extra-constitutional ObamaCare delay

Never has a word better described a man than "audacious" describes the 44th president of the United States, Barack H. Obama.

His latest jaw-dropper was delivered via a Treasury Department blog post that the controversial employer mandate section of the ObamaCare law will be delayed for a year, and it assumes that Obama can just change the law with a wave of a magic wand.

If Obama were the leader of China, Russia or even Kenya this might be within his power, but not here in America.


Paul Ryan will not end abortion, but North Dakota might

Possibly more than any of the others, Rep. Paul Ryan’s operational motto seems derived from that classic bit by comedian Steve Martin: “Let’s get small.”

As The Hill reports this morning: “Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) argued in a speech to activists Thursday night that robust opposition to abortion rights is crucial to the GOP's political chances.”

Paul Ryan will never end abortion. And they will bungle it again in 2016, with Ryan up front and Rick Santorum with his lurid prose and torrid, neo-Goth imagery trailing behind. Ryan is a strict ideologist, again like Martin’s caricature of '80s fledgling conservatives with a list of “things I believe” tacked on to his refrigerator. But then he tends to switch ideologies at random.


The challenges of affordable care

One of the biggest challenges of the Affordable Care Act is the fact is that it is not affordable. With each passing day more details are revealed in a 2,500 page monstrosity that is a bureaucrat's dream but a patient's nightmare.The cost of insurance per family is supposed to drop significantly but instead has gone up by more than $2,500 per family.

The number of physicians in a recent survey who are planning early retirement because of the Affordable Care Act has risen to 60 percent. Not only is there an issue of money but there is also an issue of who is going to care for the additional 30 million people who have been placed on the societal rolls.


Responsible healthcare

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are an extremely good idea, for they place responsibility for an individual's health in that individual's hand.

The money that is placed in the HSA stays there and can only be used for the legitimate medical purpose.  It can accumulate over a lifetime, and you should be able to transfer your entire account at the time of death.


Logical conclusions

ObamaCare is supposedly the panacea to cure rapidly rising healthcare costs and lack of access for millions of uninsured Americans. It's continuing to prove just the opposite, with healthcare costs rising, in many cases quite dramatically. This has forced several businesses to reconsider whether they will offer healthcare coverage or accept the penalty, which in many cases is less expensive than offering the healthcare coverage. The other solution that many businesses are adopting is cutting workers to under 30 hours per week, which is the trigger for requiring healthcare coverage. In the long run, this means that people will have less access, and for those who do, the cost will be increased. Yet millions of people will listen to the mainstream media and the administration and continue to conclude that they have hit the healthcare lottery. This is a prime example of what happens when partisan politics and biased media are allowed to run rampant.


Insurers jack up premiums, Whole Foods CEO calls health care law fascism, House Dems begin new push for the public option

Last Sunday’s New York Times reported that many health insurers have begun declaring war against their customers by aggressively jacking up premiums. In another scandal, pseudo-libertarian Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, who seems to think he is Ron Paul-Lite, called President Obama’s healthcare law “fascism.” Mackey then retracted the “f” word when talk of consumer boycotts against Whole Foods greeted his charge. In the best news, Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) joined 43 other House members with a renewed push for the public option that is supported by a significant majority of voters.


The ramp-up effect

Sometimes, looking at the political discourse in this country, I wonder if we really understand the ramp-up effect of increasing government programs and power over time; unlike in business, unlike in nature, unlike in, well, real life, failure is not punished, but at best ignored, at worst rewarded. Once a program is in place, it is almost never repealed, even when Republicans obtain political power, because voters become dependent on it.


Universal healthcare vs. universal control

ObamaCare is the official the law of the land. We will now begin the process of unmasking many of the costs hidden deeply within this massive bill.

A decade from now there will be significant buyer’s remorse. The cost will affect not only consumers, but the healthcare providers as well.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and that, without a doubt, includes healthcare. Either the quality of care must decrease significantly for the masses or the availability of care must decrease drastically.


ObamaCare state exchanges suffer outright rejection by half the states

The implementation of ObamaCare assumed that the states would do the work of setting up individual state exchanges to provide a clearinghouse of health insurance information for the public, and provide the mechanism that triggered enforcement of the law against those employers who were accused of violations.

There are just 33 problems. That’s the number of states that have chosen to either not implement a state exchange at all or engage in a hybrid system that leaves many of the problems up to the federal government, as is the case with Illinois, Delaware and North Carolina, or which remain undecided on whether to accept the responsibility for developing the exchange.


Is healthcare a right, privilege, or none of the above?

Often when people near the end of life, secondary to an illness, they begin to contemplate their lives and recognize that of all the things they've accumulated and all the accolades that have been bestowed upon them, nothing is as valuable as life itself.